4th AnnualVancouver
Art/Book Fair

October 17—18, 2015
at the Vancouver Art Gallery
Presented by Project Space


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    Photo+by+Colby+FergusonAdopt an Artist: The Storm Crow Tavern Print Ready at the Vancouver Art/Book Fair Print Ready's attendance at this year's Vancouver Art/Book Fair is generously sponsored by The Storm Crow Tavern through Project Space's Adopt an Artist program. Look for a special gift from The Storm Crow More +

  • Q&A: KIOSK

    IMG_20150620_171644Juli Majer, Cristian Hernandez, and Hugo Noriega are the organizers behind the print fair KIOSK (hosted at Avenue Gallery from June 20-21, 27-28, 2015). KIOSK is a print fair with contributions mostly from visual artists. More +

  • Q&A: Steffanie Ling, on LIT LIT LIT LIT and The Bartleby Review

    Kara Hansen reading "I'D HURT A FLY, I DON'T CARE IF I KILL A FLY, I'D KILL A FLY"Test Excerpt Steffanie Ling is a Vancouver-based writer, curator at CSA Space, and co-editor of The Bartleby Review. Emma Metcalfe Hurst and Steffanie Ling started the reading event More +

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Free and open to the public, VA/BF is the only international art book fair in Canada and one of only two on the West Coast. In 2015 the event is anticipated to attract nearly 5,000 visitors from across the Greater Vancouver Area and beyond.

Presented by Project Space, VA/BF is a multi-day festival of artists’ publishing featuring over one hundred local, national and international publishers, as well as a diverse line-up of programs, performances and artist projects. Featured artists travel to Vancouver from across Canada and the globe, and produce everything from books, magazines, zines and printed ephemera to digital, performative or other experimental forms of publication.

Artists’ Books Week

VA/BF is the culmination of Artists’ Books Week, a parallel series of events hosted in spaces across Vancouver by a variety of artists, curators, collectives and institutions who are actively creating and presenting work in this medium.

Project Space

Project Space is a non-profit organization dedicated to publication as an artistic medium. Our main projects are the Vancouver Art/Book Fair, Project Space Press, projectspace.ca and Monthly Open Studio events. Help us thrive and continue to grow VA/BF by becoming a Member.

Hours and Location

Saturday → Sunday
October 17 and 18, 2015

at the Vancouver Art Gallery
750 Hornby Street
Vancouver BC V6Z 2H7

Travel to downtown Vancouver via:
SkyTrain: Granville or Burrard Stations
Seabus: Waterfront Station
Bus: any Downtown bus

Opening Night

Members Preview
Friday, October 16, 2015

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Main Streeters: Taking Advantage

Allison Collins & Michael Turner (Vancouver)

  • 1pm
  • Vancouver Art Gallery Library

Independent curators Allison Collins and Michael Turner present their research, conversations and conclusions in a discussion of Mainstreeters: Taking Advantage, 19721982, a book of photographs published as part of the exhibition by the same name. Taking Advantage surveys the history of a gang of Vancouver artists who lived and worked together in drama, excess, friendship and grief. From 1972 until roughly 1982, they lived along Main Street, the traditional dividing line between the city’s working-class immigrant eastside and its more affluent westside. Core members–Kenneth Fletcher, Deborah Fong, Carol Hackett, Marlene MacGregor, Annastacia McDonald, Charles Rea, Jeanette Reinhardt and Paul Wong–engaged in ambitious collaborative media and performance work that charts the rapidly shifting social terrain of the city.

Allison Collins is an independent curator, writer and researcher in Vancouver. She is presently the Media Arts Curator for the Western Front and was previously the Coordinator of Public Programs at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Recent roles and activities have included working as the Event Manager for Institutions by Artists: The Convention and collaborating on Wherewithal, a semi-regular curatorial collaboration with Robin Simpson. Other independent curatorial projects include Moveable Facture (2012), Suspicious Futures (2011/2012) and Hold Still Wild Youth: The Gina Show Archive (2010). Her writing has also been published by institutions and publications across Canada.

Michael Turner is a writer of fiction, criticism and song based in Vancouver. His books include 8×10 (2009), The Pornographer’s Poem (1999) and Hard Core Logo (1993). He has contributed to publications on Fred Herzog (2007), Tim Lee (2007) and  Ken Lum (2001), as well as Ruins In Process: Vancouver Art in the Sixties (2008), Vancouver Art & Economies (2007) and Intertidal: Vancouver Art & Artists (2005). His criticism has appeared in numerous publications. A frequent collaborator, Turner has written a libretto with Andrea Young and scripts with Geoffrey Farmer and Stan Douglas, and has guest-curated an exhibition at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria titled A Postcard from Victoria (2013), which included Robert Morin & Lorraine Dufour, Julia Feyrer, Raymond Boisjoly and Geoffrey Farmer.


Designing a Feminist Future

Sara Kaaman and Stina Löfgren, Girls Like Us (Stockholm)

  • 2pm
  • Vancouver Art Gallery Library

Girls Like Us magazine brings together a broad community of women of all genders to distribute questions, ambitions and dreams of a feminist past, present and future. Founded in 2005, the magazine has gone through several incarnations—both visually and editorially. And now, to celebrate its 10th year of existence, graphic designers Sara Kaaman and Stina Löfgren suggest yet another way to frame the content, where personal stories and essays meet vanguard visuals. How to design toward a feminist future? What are the legacies and her-stories in feminist self-publishing? And in a world saturated with form and image, which tools can we use to create content that stirs and affects?

Looking for strategies that bring together written and graphic language, pedagogy and knowledge production, Sara Kaaman works with graphic design, teaching and writing. She has contributed to numerous art publications and exhibitions in Europe and the United States.

Working in the fields of illustration and design, Stina Löfgren‘s practice revolves around the creation and effect of images. She works with the drawn line as a means for exploring and encircling, aiming to highlight the surreal in everyday life. The resulting work is both two- and three-dimensional.



Laboratories of Publication

Jp King, Paper Pusher (Toronto)

  • 3pm
  • Vancouver Art Gallery Library

Paper Pusher is more than just a printer and publisher, it is a publication research lab, living classroom and collaborative platform where curiosity and relationships serve as inspiration in the pursuit of artistic research and cultural production. Operator Jp King tells the story behind the project, from its origins as a bedroom operation to its current reality as an internationally recognized design studio. Over the course of its evolution, King has sought to balance esoteric pursuits with profitable projects, and in this talk he examines such questions as: What exactly is a publication laboratory, when is art/design a form of research and how are experiments conducted within this environment?


Jp King is a postdisciplinary scholar, designer and artist whose research practice relies on assembling collected fragments, impressions and observations from the fringes of material culture. He operates the experimental publishing lab Paper Pusher and sits on the Board of Directors of Art Metropole. His projects have been installed at the Art Gallery of York University and the Klondike Institute of Arts and Culture, among others. His collage, design and writing has been featured in publications such as Collage (Chronicle Books, 2014), Uppercase Magazine, Fast Company and Penguin UK. He lives with his wife and collaborator in Toronto, where he recently completed an MA in Interdisciplinary Art, Media and Design at OCAD University.


DIY Playgrounds

Lele Saveri, 8-Ball Zines (Brooklyn)

  • 4pm
  • Vancouver Art Gallery Library

Artist, photographer and curator Lele Saveri has parlayed his love of the printed image into a DIY playground of creative collaboration. Founder of the art publishing collective 8-Ball Zines, Saveri shares his point of view on self-publishing and the importance of community-based projects in our modern society by exploring the history of 8-Ball, which began as an independent art book fair in June 2012 at the now defunct Grand Billiard in Brooklyn. The fair takes place in June and December in New York City—always in a billiards hall—and celebrates independent book publishers and those who self-publish, with works exhibited on pool tables. Since April 2013, the 8-Ball Crew has produced books, zines, mixtapes, events, shops, zine libraries and the Newsstand, the first ever art bookstore and project space in the underground system of NYC, as well as a gallery space called Muddguts.

Born in Rome and living in New York, Lele Saveri‘s photography blend dreams with reality: snapshots and posed images fold into each other revealing an intimate stream of human consciousness. In addition to publishing books and curating exhibitions and events in collaboration with some of the most revered contemporary artists of our time, he has exhibited his photography worldwide. Recently, he was one of 19 artists and collectives selected to be featured in the 2015 edition of New Photography, the Museum of Modern Art’s longstanding exhibition series of recent work in photography.


Built in a Day

Shauba Chang, Waterfall and NOT TODAY (Taipei)

  • 5pm
  • Vancouver Art Gallery Library

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same goes for the character of a person or a culture. Maybe what we can do or think of today will never be enough, or we are too lazy to even start today. NOT TODAY magazine focuses on “space,” inviting those with passion and creativity to partake in an attempt to convey the relationship between space and people. The quarterly is a recent project by Waterfall, a publishing house/design studio that works with artists from around the world through various publishing projects. Founder Shauba Chang speaks to how Waterfall evolved from a website dedicated to curated artistic content into a thematic journal, book press, magazine publisher and multidisciplinary studio that seeks to emphasize the instantaneous aesthetic experiences and small pulsations brought on by daily life.


Shauba Chang started Waterfall as an online curatorial project in 2006 and turned it into an art publishing/design studio in 2013. As an artist and curator, she shares her work through exhibitions, pop-up events and publications. She is the Chief Editor of Waterfall magazine, a journal focused on photographic works, and is Co-editor of a new quarterly art magazine, NOT TODAY, which interweaves the experience of living with a conversation about space. In 2011 Foam magazine invited her to produce a special feature for issue 29, and she was also one of the portfolio reviewers for Nofound Photofair in Paris and for Photo Taipei.



Conditions of Softness

Kelvin Soh, LE ROY and DD/MM/YY (Auckland)

  • 1pm
  • Vancouver Art Gallery Library

Kelvin Soh, Editor of the biannual culture magazine LE ROY and Director of the design practice DD/MM/YY, presents a talk on “soft,” the thematic focus for LE ROY in 2015, as well as how the conditions of softness play out through his other publication and exhibition projects. LE ROY explores the theme of “subjectivity and self design” with the intention of occupying a space somewhere between a journal, zine and curated group exhibition. It returns to age old questions about selfhood, encouraged by the visible symptoms of a new kind of ontological anxiety triggered by our globalized and increasingly digitized lifestyles. Through the unique perspectives of contributors from different fields, LE ROY creates a platform for an ongoing conversation on the production of subjectivity and where our notion of self might be negotiated: in our thoughts, our physical body, our soul, where and how we live, what we do, our likes and preferences, what we consume, what we wear or how we smell.

Kelvin Soh is the Founder of DD/MM/YY Studio and LE ROY. His context-responsive, fluid approach finds him assuming various role(s) for different projects: creative director, designer, curator or editor. Soh often works collaboratively with artists and institutions on publications, exhibitions and communications. He has contributed design for the New Zealand presence at the Venice Biennale in 2005 and 2011, was a winner of a 2013 Most Beautiful Books Australia and New Zealand Award and is currently the design partner of Artspace New Zealand.


Between Jobs: Make Stuff!

Erica Wilk, Moniker Press (Vancouver)

  • 2pm
  • Vancouver Art Gallery Library

Moniker Press is a small Risograph printing studio that offers commercial print services and works collaboratively with artists and writers to produce small editions of books, zines and print ephemera. As a modest operation undertaken between other jobs, Moniker uses a collaborative process of Risograph printing and bookmaking to find creative solutions to budget and resource limitations. Erica Wilk, founder and operator of Moniker, discusses her art and freelance design practice as it pertains to do-it-yourself publishing methods.


Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Erica Wilk studied Fine Art at Grant MacEwan College of Contemporary Art in India with Simon Fraser University and received a BFA from Emily Carr University in 2011. At her studio in Vancouver’s Chinatown she works in many mediums, from collage and bookmaking to video.


Experiments in Form

Ward Heirwegh, Sleeperhold Publications (Antwerp)

  • 3pm
  • Vancouver Art Gallery Library

Form and content are integral to any conversation around artist publishing. Founder Ward Heirwegh explores this foundational inquiry in a discussion of his research-based platform for artists’ publishing, Sleeperhold Publications. Described as a “publication platform,” Sleeperhold will produce ten pieces of output, after which it will cease to exist. Every iteration is an experiment in approach, collaboration, distribution and media. There is no recurring theme, there is no recurring format and there is no recurring audience. Currently half-way through its run, numbers one to five have taken the forms of a photobook, a poster set, a deck of cards, a collection of short stories and a series of ten vinyl records.

Ward Heirwegh is a publisher, tutor and graphic designer from Antwerp, Belgium. He runs an independent studio with an interest in editorial design. Heirwegh also teaches at Sint-Lucas Academy in Antwerp and MAD-faculty in Hasselt. He founded Sleeperhold Publications, a research-based platform for artist publications that functions as an excuse to experiment with different ways to handle artistic content and/or its creation.


Paranormal Activity (Dis)ambiguation

Members of Zine Club (Rotterdam, Vancouver, Prague, São Paulo)

  • 4pm
  • Vancouver Art Gallery Library

If we approach the supernatural as a technology of the unknown, what is its interface? What new possibilities can follow if we attempt to construct the supernatural as a technology of communal production? How can we transfer this into everyday life and the complex structures of politics, society and culture? As an extension of the publication Paranormal Activity (Dis)ambiguation, published by Project Space Press on the occasion of VA/BF, international Zine Club artists Oana Clițan (Rotterdam), Sylvana d’Angleo (Vancouver), Anežka Minaříková (Prague) and Larissa Monteiro (São Paulo) use Google Hangouts to present technology as an interface to the supernatural.

Presented by Zine Club, this conversation will serve as the launch of the limited-edition artists’ book Paranormal Activity (Dis)ambiguation, which will be released at VA/BF.

Zine Club is a round robin of international zine trading and distribution that has been operating since 2013. Participants include designers and media artists who create original works to be viewed both in print and on the web.


Yesterday Was Once Tomorrow

Kegan McFadden (Winnipeg)

  • 5pm
  • Vancouver Art Gallery Library

When discussing publishing and the making of publics, how do magazines constitute a scene? Kegan McFadden uses his recent research and the related exhibition, Yesterday Was Once Tomorrow (or, A Brick is a Tool), as a way of navigating this question while discussing five artist-run magazines: Boo (Vancouver, 1994–98), Texts (Calgary, 1989–93), The Plug In Harold (Winnipeg, 1995–97), Flower (Toronto, 1992–96) and Cube (Montreal, 1996–98).


Kegan McFadden is an independent curator and publisher whose projects often explore the intersection of visual and literary arts. McFadden has collaborated with artists and writers since 2002 as the founding editor of As We Try & Sleep Press, an artist-run initiative based in Winnipeg that collaborates on a project-basis with various galleries to publish printed matter and critical texts in conjunction with the presentation of visual arts. His critical texts engaging and reimagining contemporary art practices have been commissioned by C Magazine, Canadian Art, BlackFlash, Border Crossings, Fuse, Prefix Photo and Visual Arts News, among numerous artist-run centres and public galleries from coast to coast. Over the last two years McFadden has conducted research concerning magazines produced by artists in Canada during the 1990s. The result of this research is the exhibition, Yesterday Was Once Tomorrow (or, A Brick is a Tool), which premiered at Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art (Winnipeg, Winter 2015) and will be on view later this year at Artexte (Montreal).



No Shoes Reading Room

Christian Vistan (Vancouver)

  • Vancouver Art Gallery Annex, 3rd Floor, Room 301

A banig, a woven mat used for sitting and sleeping in the Philippines and other parts of Southeast Asia, houses the books and publications in this year’s presentation of the VA/BF Library and Archive project as the No Shoes Reading Room. With an invitation to visitors to take off their shoes, the banig and reading room function as a communal space for visitors to sit and read at this year’s fair.

Banig weaving has a very long history in the Philippines, handed down as a practice, trade and tradition for generations. Today there are several banig festivals across the country that celebrate the object as well as the different cultures and activities around it. Based around these ideas of the banig as a communal space, an object and a site of cultural production, the books, artists and publications in the No Shoes Reading Room take up or document different forms of cultural productions: community-oriented projects and discussions; work and practices that address space, surroundings and peripheries; or the making of books themselves.

Christian Vistan is a Filipino artist based in Vancouver. Originally from Bataan, a peninsular province in the Philippines, his work (in painting, writing, performance and installation) navigates the space between that he occupies—liminal, disoriented and surrounded by water. He is currently a student at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, pursuing a BFA with a minor in Curatorial Studies.


KIOSK: A Reading Room

KIOSK (Vancouver)

  • Vancouver Art Gallery Annex, 1st Floor, Room 100

KIOSK: A Reading Room brings together publications, installations, readings and performances by a community of Vancouver-based artists who are making books, often with a DIY ethos. Blurring the lines between various modes of cultural production—from visual art to literature and music—the project features print-based installations by art publishers Late Cuts, DDOOGG, 1080p, Dunk and Brick Press, as well as independent publications by over 25 Vancouver-based artists, all available for the first time and showcased on furniture designed for the event by local artist Levi Bruce. The space will host a series of readings and performances by LIT LIT LIT LIT, BYOB, Aaron Read, Cowboy City Rockers and more.

KIOSK is a project by Juli Majer, Hugo Noriega and Cristian Hernandez. Informed by a DIY ethos and non-conventional approach to print media, KIOSK aims to recognize and strengthen relationships across fields of cultural production through print. KIOSK exists to support people as they explore, interact with and integrate print media into their practice.


Trading Post

Paradise Plus and Free Association

  • Vancouver Art Gallery Annex, 3rd Floor, Room 301
In collaboration with Free Association, Paradise Plus presents Trading Post, a zone dedicated to expanding the cultural awareness of DIY-projects based out pf New York City to the city’s northern Canadian neighbours. Attendees are encouraged to bring items they’ve created and swap or barter them for items imported from like-minded NYC zinesters, creating a physical, DIY dialogue the way it was meant to be.


Contributors Include: Paradise Plus, Free Association, Neckface, Remio, Adross, Funeral Press, The Flop Box, Antosh, Cimoszko, Justin Gradin, The Dark, Padysz, Hana Pesut, Rhek, Hobo Railway, Zapse, YaBoy, Kate Fobart, Heds, Lauren Ray, Kash_Honey and more.

Paradise Plus is a New York-based centre for showcasing dedicated artists and purveying worthy products.

Free Association is a free association with the people who are interested in the Freedom Of Expression.


Libera Network


  • Vancouver Art Gallery Annex, 3rd Floor Hallway
For Libera Network, OuterSpace sets up a “local area internet” at VA/BF where guests can download free digital copies of books and zines, including work by Anteism, creative commons books and publications submitted by artists via an open call. All titles can be downloaded free of charge via a smartphone.


The Libera Network is a wireless network that people can’t access from the internet—they have to be within physical distance of VA/BF. Once on the network, guests can upload their own work or download work by others. By creating this virtual network, the project makes it possible for digital-format works to be part of an activity central to zine making—trading with others—and invites us to question the ways virtual and IRL networks can support the development of artistic communities around publication.

OuterSpace is a contemporary art gallery housed in a customized cube van. It is a small, personal exhibition space with a reach not accessible by brick and mortar galleries. Its curatorial focus is to showcase the work of international contemporary artists and to bring the artist book to the forefront of exhibitions. Since 2003, it has also published as Anteism, working with artists on hybrid exhibitions/publications.


Hammock Nook

Heidi Nagtegaal and Sylvie Ringer

  • Vancouver Art Gallery Annex, 2nd Floor Stairwell

Hammock Nook is a social space where Hammock Books—an offshoot of Hammock Residency—holds a display of their latest publications and offers wild-crafted teas (by Cease Wyss of Raven and Hummingbird Tea Co.), Hammock Booch (brewed by Heidi Nagtegaal) and tarot readings performed by Nagtegaal and documented by Hamburg-based illustrator Sylvie Ringer, who produces a quick sketch of the session and its messages as a reminder and little piece of art to take home.

Take a peek in the VA/BF totes for James Gem’s latest silkscreen print, a coproduction from Roberts Street, Halifax and Hammock Residency, Vancouver.

Heidi Nagtegaal is an artist, writer and facilitator living in Vancouver, BC. After recieving her BFA from Emily Carr University in 2005, Nagtegaal has gone on to found local arts initiatives such as the Hammock Residency and Headbands and Bracelets, parallel to her own practice. She has exhibited in the Tate Modern (London, UK) for the No Soul For Sale: A Festival of Independents, with the Western Front, Äkkigalleria (Jyväskylä, Finland), Vancouver Art Gallery, Burnaby Art Gallery, Richmond Art Gallery, CSA, Signal and Noise and portable gallery spaces worldwide.

Sylvie Ringer is an artist and illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany. She studied illustration and fine art at the Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg and the St Luc Academy in Brussels. Her main mediums are drawing and printmaking, and she is the co-founder of the artist-run space Achterhaus and the Achterhaus Residency Program in Hamburg, Germany.


The Garden

Moniker Press with Erica Wilk and Brandon Cotter

The Garden is a modular reading room installation by Erica Wilk, operator of the Risograph print studio Moniker Press, in collaboration with artist Brandon Cotter. Objects reconstructed from salvaged materials host a collection of local artists’ books, zines and publications that open to topics of contemporary thought, art criticism, boundaries and restrictions, as well as other unusual and unique subject matters. Sit. Read. Stay awhile.
Moniker Press is a micro-publishing studio operated by Erica Wilk that works collaboratively with artists and writers to produce small editions of books, zines and print ephemera.


Brandon Cotter is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Vancouver. He graduated from Emily Carr University in 2010 and co-runs the commercial art gallery FIELD Contemporary.


Artists’ Books Week

Artists’ Books Week is a city-wide celebration of art publishing in Vancouver that takes place over October 12 to 18, 2015, in parallel with the Vancouver Art/Book Fair.

ABW complements VA/BF, highlighting the artists, curators, collectives and institutions across the city who are actively creating and presenting work in this medium. Taking its inspiration from ABW in London, England, the “open-source style” festival is an open call for events and presentations around artist publishing.

To register your event, please contact: [email protected]

Monday, Oct. 12

Book Launch: Places of a Present Past


Publication Studio Vancouver 
222 East Georgia Street
Monday, October 12, 7pm
Free and open to the public



Publication Studio Vancouver is pleased to host the Canadian launch of
Places of a Present Past, featuring presentations and a discussion by editor
Noah Simblist and artist Jin-me Yoon. Copies of this book, with
attractive letterpress cover and several colour reproductions inside,
are available for purchase at the event or online (US$22/C$29).


Places of a Present Past brings together three exhibitions that shared a common theme: addressing the traces
of trauma on particular sites and paying close attention to the lasting
impacts of war. The publication includes exhibitions featuring artists Jin-me Yoon, Aissa Deebi, Kamal Aljafari and Dor Guez.

Tuesday, Oct. 13

Artist's Talk: Ho Tam

Tam_01Contemporary Art Gallery
555 Nelson Street
Tuesday, October 13, 7pm
Free and open to the public


The Contemporary Art Gallery presents local artist Ho Tam of hotam press discussing recent publications including his hotam and Poser projects.

Wednesday, Oct. 14

Lecture: John C. Welchman

Supplement1.coverSFU Audain Gallery
149 W Hastings Street
Wednesday, October 14, 7pm
Free and open to the public


Following the release of the 20th and final issue of its magazine, Fillip presents a lecture by John C. Welchman at the Audain Gallery coinciding with the release of the first in a new series of publications called Supplement. The lecture, “Joseph Kosuth’s The Second Investigation in Vancouver: Art on TV,” examines one key strand of innovation in the important but little-discussed The Second Investigation (1969-72) introduced by Kosuth’s exhibition at the Douglas Gallery in Vancouver in the fall of 1969. Specifically, Welchman’s research documents that caught Kosuth’s interest in television as a public medium of address and distribution distinct from its content or physical format.


Welchman’s essay represents the first of Fillip’s new Supplement format, an occasional pamphlet series. Each Supplement is available for purchase individually or as a yearly subscription along with books published in Fillip’s ongoing Folio series.

Thursday, Oct. 15

VA/BF Social: Aaron Read's Horror Man

horror man

The Lido
518 E Broadway
Thursday, October 15, 8pm
Free and open to the public (19+)


Project Space presents the inaugural VA/BF Social, an opportunity for exhibitors, presenters and the public to connect before VA/BF officially kicks off. Featuring a performance and accompanying limited-edition print by Vancouver-based artist Aaron Read (printed by Brick Press), entitled Horror Man.  


Horror Man is an audio/visual exploration of the cinematography of horror movies that explores the beauty of more mundane shots in films like Halloween or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The limited-edition print uses simple iconography to depict horror, inspired by Read’s childhood experience of walking through the video store’s horror section aisles—an activity that caused anxiety to swell up, all from the tiny images on the covers of VHS tapes.


Project Space Members receive a discount on Read’s Horror Man print.


Friday, Oct. 16

VA/BF Members Preview

membersVancouver Art Gallery Annex
750 Hornby Street
Friday, October 16, 6–8pm


Members of Project Space and the Vancouver Art Gallery receive an exclusive preview of the Vancouver Art/Book Fair the night before it opens to the public.


Become a Member online or at the door to receive entrance plus a list of other benefits, including artist-edition tote bags and prints, as well as discounts at local bookstores.

VA/BF Opening Party

neckfaceFortune Sound Club
147 E Pender Street
Friday, October 16, 9pm


Paradise Plus, Free Association and Project Space present a multi-room art and music event to celebrate opening night of the Vancouver Art/Book Fair. Details on Facebook.


Room 1 | Paradise Plus
Postcard release and show featuring postcards and prints by New York & Vancouver graffiti artists, including limited-edition postcard sets by Neckface (artist in attendance) and Virus. 


Room 2 | Free Association
Postcard release and show featuring artwork by Vancouver-based artists and photographers, music by deejay Lauren Ray, a complimentary fruit and juice bar and the opportunity to trade postcards.


Room 3 | Happy Endings Fridays
Dance party and karaoke room featuring
special guest DJ from New York, Mr. Barnacle, as well as Cherchez, Rhek and Remio.

Saturday, Oct. 17

Coffee & Newspapers


UNIT/PITT Projects
236 East Pender Street

Saturday, October 17, 9am–2pm
Free & open to the public

Wake up with us before the Vancouver Art/Book Fair!

Coffee will be served (and tea!), and the Limited Time Library will have a wide
range of standard newspapers, special edition newspapers and artists newsprint works for perusing. These include the freshest local papers, a selection of archived materials and related features from the Limited Time Library’s collection.

Official VA/BF Afterparty

afterparty6The Fox Cabaret
2321 Main Street
Saturday, October 17, 10pm



Paradise Plus, Free Association and Project Space present a multi-room event to celebrate after the first night of the Vancouver Art/Book Fair.


 Room 1 


Room 2 
The Ultimate Indie Dance Party with The Love DJs, Trevor Risk & Christa Belle

Antosh Zine Release & Sleepner Pop-Up Shop

antosh_zineAntisocial Skateboard Shop
2337 Main Street
Saturday, October 17, 7–10pm

Join us for a collaborative art event at featuring Antosh‘s new zine release, Remio’s Sleepner Pop-Up Shop and a dedicated zine making hangout zone.

Music by Calen Knauf.


Zine Release: Rat Face

rat saladNo Way Cafay
Main St. at Cordova
Saturday, October 17, 7pm

Jeffry Lee and Nathan Jones release Rat Salad {Art, Zine, Clothing}, an extremely limited-edition of 50/20 copies only.

Readings & Book Launch: Bartleby Review: 21–40

Screenshot 2015-10-05 10.54.23
Publication Studio Vancouver
222 E. Georgia Street
Saturday, October 17, 7pm
Free and open to the public


Publication Studio Vancouver presents the launch of BARTLEBY REVIEW: 21–40, a compilation of the last twenty issues of Vancouver’s free and occasional leaflet of criticism and other writing. Featuring an introduction by Peter Gazendam and a new design by Jaz Halloran. Please join us at the launch for readings by past contributors, Kara Hansen and Ingrid Olauson


Recent issues of BARTLEBY REVIEW are also hosted in The Garden, a reading room installation by Moniker Press (Erica Wilk) and Brandon Cotter on the second floor of VA/BF.

Visible Verse Festival

12072613_1651087198497261_4156106879675734592_nPacific Cinémathèque
1131 Howe Street
Saturday, October 17, 7pm


An evening of videopoems* curated and hosted by Ray Hsu.


*videopoem = video art + poetry + creative ingenuity


Presented by The Cinematheque since 2000, Visible Verse is one of the longest-running video poetry festivals in the world. Video poetry is a hybrid creative form bringing together verse and moving images. Visible Verse selects its annual program from hundreds of submissions received from local, national, and international artists.

Sunday, Oct 18

Release: Disembarking the Garuda IV

20151007_110325(1)Vancouver Art Gallery, Forecourt and Rotunda
750 Hornby St
Sunday, October 18, 8pm

Pythagoras Records is pleased to announce the launch of its inaugural issue, Disembarking the Garuda IV. Employing text, visual art and audio in a small folio with a vinyl flexidisc insert, it explores perspectives of time and truth.

The event features a live performance by Kensington Gore.

Offical Closing Party

ovaltine-cafeOvaltine Cafe
251 E Hastings St.
Sunday, October 18, 8–11pm

Records will be played by Will Anderson and Kevin Doherty of Weed (the band!). Bring your appetite for $10 burger and beer or $4 gin and tonics.


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Donate to the VA/BF Library & Archive

Publishers who can’t attend the fair but would still like to share their books with our visitors can donate two copies of any books, magazines, zines or printed ephemera to the VA/BF Library & Archive project and their books will be placed in a reference library that will be brought back to the fair every year. To participate, please contact: [email protected].

Volunteer at VA/BF

VA/BF relies on dozens of volunteers to effectively deliver our event. To register to help out, please contact [email protected].