Generative Networks

John Brodie & Blair Saxon-Hill, Monograph Bookwerks (Portland)

  • Vancouver Art Gallery Lobby

This exhibit presents ephemera and exhibition documents produced by the dynamic artist networks of Vancouver during the 1960s and 70s.

Focusing on influential groups and sites of action that forwarded early conceptual works and performance, along with experimental printing and distribution methods, this exhibition provides a rare glimpse at the printed matter and activities of Intermedia, Image Bank, Fine Arts Gallery at UBC and the Vancouver Art Gallery, among others.

Collectively, these documents evidence the rich experimental collaborations and engagements made during this generative and optimistic period that was unique to Vancouver in Canada’s contemporary art history.

Founded in 2010 by John Brodie and Blair Saxon-Hill, Monograph Bookwerks is an artist-run and owned bookstore in Portland, Oregon that specializes in contemporary art and artists, design, architecture, counterculture and critical theory from the later-half of the 20th century to the present day. In addition to art books and original works, the bookstore features a large collection of artists’ documents and exhibition ephemera from the 1960s to the 1980s, primarily in the areas of conceptual, minimal, pop, land art, counterculture and political movements.

Media Closet Part II

Zine Club (Vancouver)

  • Vancouver Art Gallery Annex, 1st Floor, Room 100

A survey exhibition of work by Zine Club Members, Media Closet Part II features digital works by Sylvana d’Angelo (Vancouver), Oana Clitan (Rotterdam) and Larissa Monteiro (Rotterdam); a sculpture installation by Monsters (Prague); a livestream from Anezka Minarikova’s (Rotterdam) SPI/Sleep Project and a series of ASMR videos from Tingleheads (Rotterdam); and Yuula Benivolski’s (Toronto) YouTube channel featuring artists’ books, publications, zines, multiples and small artworks.

Zine Club’s initial Media Closet was presented in September at Print Ready VIII: Stockholm to Vancouver at Dynamo Arts Association.

Created to promote cross-pollination between artistic communities, Zine Club is a group of international artists and designers trading work through the mail and on the internet. Engaging both print and digital platforms for creating, members experiment with long-distance collaboration as a tool for creating new visual concepts.

Art & Literary Lounge: SAD Spells

  • Saturday: 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM, 3:30 PM, 4:30 PM | Sunday: 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM
  • Vancouver Art Gallery Annex, 1st Floor, Art Rental & Sales Showroom

SAD Mag presents an other-worldly literary experience featuring Adèle Barclay, Karla Comanda, Shaun Robinson and many more.

Curated by the radical Kyla Jamieson, the series is a mash-up of identity, queerness and magic through performance and conversation. Convene with local emerging artists, writers and editors to hear new work, address challenges and deconstruct our literary culture in favour of inclusivity and experimentation. Share your secrets, drink coffee and manifest change.

Complimentary coffee provided by our Official Coffee Sponsor, Ethical Bean. Presented in partnership with the Vancouver Art Gallery’s Art Rental & Sales.

Library Book Sale

  • Saturday and Sunday: 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM

The Vancouver Art Gallery’s Library Book Sale is a great opportunity to pick up a wide range of collectible art books at bargain prices. All proceeds go directly to supporting the Library.


NEWLOのK (Vancouver and London, UK)

  • Vancouver Art Gallery Annex, 2nd Floor, Stairwell Landing

LOのK SPACE uses paper from its unused 2016 calendars, found flowers and scavenged wood to create a sculptural space. The forms are based off the structure of lignin—a class of complex organic polymers that form important structural materials in the support tissues of vascular plants—and create little nooks and corners for reading and self-exploration.

NEWLOのK is a multidisciplinary studio that explores objects of waste and their possibilities of transformation through sculpture. Natalina Percival and Jennifer Chiu are the founding members, with backgrounds in graphic and communication design. Split between two cities—Vancouver and London, UK—NEWLOのK focuses on exploring dialogue and parallel practices as they work between these two cities. Most notable of NEWLOのK’s recent projects have been the studio’s 2016 calendar, their participation in the laugh supplement for the RCA Book Fair at the Tate Modern and their sculptural found-paper, fabric and fresh-flower curtain for Nathalee Paolinelli’s flower bar at Index Gallery.

Halftone Hub

Malaspina Printmakers (Vancouver)

  • Vancouver Art Gallery Annex, 3rd Floor, Stairwell Landing

Presented by Malaspina Printmakers, Halftone Hub is a silkscreening station operated by artists who produce books and ephemera with Malaspina Printmakers. Printmaking has always been an integral step in the bookmaking process, and Halftone Hub showcases some of the different ways this can be achieved.

The Hub also acts as the culmination of events taking place at Malaspina during Artists’ Book Week, with books, zines, prints and ephemera available for purchase.

Malaspina Printmakers Society is a non-profit artist-run centre that was incorporated in 1975 by a group of printmaking students, fellows and instructors from the Vancouver School of Art (now the Emily Carr University of Art + Design). In the past 40 years, Malaspina has developed into a resource centre for print culture by building strong relationships with artists and other print organizations throughout the world, and its programs have been expanded beyond exhibitions to include rentals, workshops, mentorships, archives, scholarships, collaborations, residencies and sales.

Puddle Popper Part 2

Juli Majer, Melanie Thibodeau, Sarah Davidson, Sonja Ratkay (Vancouver)

  • Vancouver Art Gallery Annex, 3rd Floor, Hallway

Juli Majer, Melanie Thibodeau, Sarah Davidson and Sonja Ratkay explore play as an overlapping theme in their work through a collectively drawn zine and installation.

A continuation of their first show, the collaboration began on paper, with all of the artists sitting together and drawing the zine Puddle Popper (available at VABF through DDOOGG). The book is like a conversation, and the same mix and match strategy is reflected in how the artists’ sculptures were installed in the gallery, with works combined in surprising ways.

For Puddle Popper Part 2, the artists have started again with a zine, printed in collaboration with Moniker Press. The zine is an activity book of sorts, and was also used for planning the installation. This new iteration uses the word play as in “theatre,” and is about duality.

Juli Majer is interested in fractured storytelling/symbolism, and studies translations of movements, emotion and fantasy within her work. Queer artist Melanie Thibodeau explores the strangeness of having/living in a body; ongoing themes in their work deal with nostalgia and loss, comfort/discomfort, BDSM and politics surrounding gender, sexuality and feminism. Sarah Davidson investigates fragments as symbols, medium as gendered and delicacy as strategy. Interdisciplinary artist, poet and researcher Sonja Ratkay primarily explores topics of intuition, mood, states of being and environmental triggers that lead to psychological transformation.

(LIVE) archive

Sean Scott (Edinburgh/Vancouver)

  • Vancouver Art Gallery Annex, 3rd Floor, Room 301

(LIVE) archive allows VABF visitors to curate the organization’s Library & Archive collection in situ. The project “gamifies” the archive, inviting participants to explore the vast array of journals, magazines, artists’ books and other printed matter to catalogue and display it however they see fit.

Viewers are also invited to become inspired, to use the collection as a reference, to record information, to take visuals or to conduct research—much like in a public library.

Sean Scott is an artist, curator and multidisciplinary creative project manager. He is interested in exploring aspects of contemporary artists’ publishing as a participatory practice. (LIVE) archive is inspired by Scott’s previous work, (LIVE) publishing, a project that annotated and collated Scotland-based Cooper Gallery’s events series Studio Jamming: Artists’ Collaborations in Scotland. (LIVE) publishing culminated in a group performance and fifteen free publications that were created, printed and disseminated in situ.


Free Association (Vancouver)

  • Vancouver Art Gallery Annex, 3rd Floor, Room 302

Featuring local and international artists’ zines, buttons, postcards, patches, t-shirts and posters—including a mini blacklit gallery—BOOKLIT is an open-format trade show for everyone and anyone. Stop by with your own zines at any time during fair hours. Everyone is welcome and can have their zines showcased!