All talks take place Saturday and Sunday at the Vancouver Art Gallery.


Between Publication and Architecture

Architecturama (Montreal)

  • Saturday October 14, 1:00 PM
  • VAG Annex, 2nd Floor, Library

Architects of Architecturama Sylvain Bilodeau and Nicolas Mathieu-Tremblay discuss the analogies between publication and architecture as artistic mediums, with the aim of making public certain ideas, intentions, views and emotions, as well as the possibilities of architecture for different forms of communication. Their presentation includes some of Architecturama’s recent works, mainly the design of fairs, contemporary art diffusion events and contextual in-situ architectural installations.

Architecturama is an architectural practice that explores the affinities between art and architecture. Through architectural/art installations and collaborations they study—in a concrete way—architectural notions like perception, materiality, movement, memory, signification and spatiality. In their building projects they are interested in the way spaces are occupied and perceived, a concern that is not limited to visual perception but considers other senses as well, and takes into consideration issues of physical and psychological comfort. Since its founding in 2012, Architecturama’s work has been recognized several times, notably by the Best of Canada Design Competition, Prix d’excellence de l’Ordre des architectes du Québec and the AZ Awards.

To Publish or Not to Publish

Moon Space Books (Stockholm)

  • Saturday October 14, 2:00 PM
  • VAG Annex, 2nd Floor, Library

Why should you get into self-publishing artists’ books? And why should you not? These two questions are the main focus of Björn Engberg’s talk. The founder of Moon Space Books, Engberg presents his own publications and shares the problems and opportunities that appeared in connection to these projects. To follow, he opens for discussion with the audience about the role that artists’ books and self-publishing play in society today.

Björn Engberg is an artist based in Stockholm. His practice often revolves around the decay of human civilization and the mysticism of wild nature, themes that he treats either separately or explores the relationship between. Engberg is also the founder of the independent publishing house Moon Space Books.

Intersectional Papers

Papersafe (Massachusetts)

  • Saturday October 14, 3:00pm
  • VAG Annex, 2nd Floor, Library

Presented in partnership with CARFAC BC

Trevor Powers and Annie Sollinger discuss the process and logistics of creating, editing and publishing Papersafe, a journal dedicated to analogue photography and relevant discourse. The biannual publication is printed in editions of less than 100 and distributed online and through various small art and book fairs. In particular, the duo describes Papersafe’s goal to address (or at least comment on) the lack of diversity within the photography community, as well as the ways in which one can create an inclusive and intersectional publication and provide a platform for underrepresented voices and perspectives.


Trevor Powers is a visual artist living and working in Massachusetts. His work is realized through photographs, artists’ books and curatorial and publishing projects. He currently serves as the Editor and Creative Director for Papersafe, which he co-founded in 2014.

Annie Sollinger is a librarian and artist, living and working in Massachusetts. She earned her BA in Art History from NYU, her MSIS from UT Austin and is working on her MA in Art History, focusing on medieval art. Her visual art practice centres around photography, drawing, textiles, feminism and ecology. She is the Copy Editor and Photo Researcher for Papersafe.

Lithuanian Self-Publishing Culture

KG Press (Kaunas, Lithuania)

  • Saturday October 14, 4:00pm
  • VAG Annex, 2nd Floor, Library

Managing Director Nerijus Smola introduces KITOKIA GRAFIKA (KG), an organization dedicated to the promotion of independent comics and self-publishing culture in Lithuania. In addition to Risograph printing and publishing, KG produces creative workshops, exhibitions and artist-in-residence programs. In particular, Nerijus’ discussion examines KG’s PORTFOLIO RISO project, a compilation of the best Risograph prints made in the KG PRESS studio: postcards, posters, zines and other ephemera. The project contains artworks by young illustrators, graphic designers and comic artists—mostly from Lithuania—and has and will continue to be presented in various international, small press, comics and art book festivals around the globe.

Nerijus Smola lives and works in Kaunas, Lithuania. He has produced illustrations, comics, graphic design and various fanzines since 1999. Nerijus cofounded KITOKIA GRAFIKA in 2011, and has served as its Managing Director since 2015, contributing to the organization of its exhibitions, workshops, publishing and other activities.

Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe

Alicia Nauta (Toronto)

  • Saturday October 14, 5:00pm
  • VAG Annex, 2nd Floor, Library

Presented in partnership with the Burnaby Art Gallery

Images collected from earlier publications—such as home decor guides from the sixties and seventies, botanical guides, encyclopedias and pre-computer graphic design manuals—form the basis of Nauta’s work. The compositions reflect on the dualities and exchanges present in all forms of human and natural life: with light, there is darkness; with progress, there is decline. Presented by the Burnaby Art Gallery in conjunction with her exhibition Two nostalgias facing each other like mirrors, Alicia Nauta talks about her process of sourcing images, photocopying, collaging through cut and paste, and screenprinting. She also describes themes and ideas present in the work and the forms that the work takes, including books, zines, wallpaper, installations, posters and more.

Two nostalgias facing each other like mirrors, a Burnaby Art Gallery Offsite exhibition, is on view at Bob Prittie Metrotown Library from September 18 to November 26, 2017.

Alicia Nauta is an artist living and working in Toronto. All her work is part of Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe. Her work has been exhibited at Printed Matter (New York) and Koganecho (Yokohama), as well as in Toronto at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Katherine Mulherin, Artscape Youngplace and Art Metropole, as well as in a few permanent wallpaper installations throughout the city.


Discoverability in Art Publishing

ARCA (Montreal)

  • Sunday October 15, 1:00pm
  • VAG Annex, 2nd Floor, Library

Presented in partnership with ARCA

Anne Bertrand presents On Discoverability: Tips from The Grey Guide on Art Publishing and Circulation, a discussion of ARCA’s recent report on circulation as a key concern for publishing in artist-run culture. Drawing from her experience in the field, the presentation informs and seeks to trigger a dialogue on what continues to drive art publishing when there is already so much other output competing for our attention. Presented by the Artist-Run Centres and Collectives Conference/La conférence des collectifs et des centres d’artistes autogérés (arccc-cccaa, a.k.a ARCA), this talk is for independent cultural producers who are looking to better connect contents to publics.

Anne Bertrand is currently the Director of the Artist-Run Centres and Collectives Conference/La conférence des collectifs et des centres d’artistes autogérés (arccc-cccaa, a.k.a ARCA), a federation of nine artist-run associations from across Canada, including the Pacific Association of Artist-Run Centres (PAARC). While at the head of Skol (2005–12), an artist-run centre located in Montreal, Bertrand collaborated on the production of a few hybrid publications to complement programming.

Urgent Material in a Collapsing Era

Gato Negro Ediciones (Mexico City)

  • Sunday October 15, 2:00pm
  • VAG Annex, 2nd Floor, Library

Rabidly independent, Gato Negro is an independent publishing house that creates a space of complicity for discussion and diffusion of publishing practices, using the technical possibilities of a Risograph as its mother tongue. Gato Negro cultivates the right to dissent, while attending to the urgent symptoms of our epoch. Editor León Muñoz Santini discusses the project’s economic, production and distribution models, with special emphasis on its Contemporary! Manifestos? project and Black Series books.

Gato Negro Ediciones is a collision of collective impetuses and critical perversions, shaped as an independent publishing house since 2013. Armed with a Risograph machine, its members and a mutant group of authors seek to spread material that is considered urgent into the context of a collapsing era. Gato Negro is based in Mexico City, but appears as a ghost in the most unexpected places.

Middle Eastern Independent Publishing

Brownbook (Dubai/New York)

  • Sunday October 15, 3:00pm
  • VAG Annex, 2nd Floor, Library

Daphne Taranto presents highlights from the first edition of Fully Booked, which premiered during Dubai Art Week 2017 as the only art book fair in the United Arab Emirates. The presentation focuses on Middle Eastern independent publishers who Taranto and her Co-Director worked with throughout the fair and in curatorial projects that followed. The annual fair and related programming intend to foster meaningful cultural exchanges between regional and international artists and publishers, as well as cultural practitioners and visitors to the event sites.

Daphne Taranto is an independent curator who has worked with contemporary galleries in New York and Dubai. She is the US Representative of Brownbook and the Co-Director of Fully Booked, the premiere art book fair in Dubai. Taranto focuses on curating and producing multi-format publications, group exhibitions and live events.

Democratizing Publishing Practices

Endless Editions (New York)

  • Sunday October 15, 4:00pm
  • VAG Annex, 2nd Floor, Library

Director of Endless Editions Paul John presents a survey of the press’ history, starting with its inaugural exhibition, Endless, in 2012. This talk highlights Endless Editions’ publications and exhibitions, including an introduction to its Copy Shop Residency and the educational program offered at the Robert Blackburn Printmaking workshop.

Founded in 2014, Endless Editions is a publishing and curatorial initiative dedicated to conceptualizing, producing and disseminating works by emerging artists who have been historically underrepresented in the art world. It has presented twenty exhibitions, established a residency program and held educational seminars at museums throughout New York and in Stockholm. Many of their projects are now held in the libraries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art and the New York Public Library.

Paul John is an artist, printer and publisher who runs Endless Editions with a milieu of artists, curators and students. Through Endless Editions, John founded the Copy Shop Residency as a method of democratizing the practice of publishing. Rather than a traditional application process, artists are encouraged to collaborate on the entire bookmaking process with Endless Editions. John also started a Risograph educational program at the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop.

Entirely New Species

Dave Biddle and Julia Kidder (Vancouver)

  • Sunday October 15, 5:00pm
  • VAG Annex, 2nd Floor, Library

In 1911, the same year Kafka wrote his Leopards in the Temple aphorism, a cougar repeatedly broke into Vancouver’s Stanley Park Zoo, killed goats and drank their blood. Eventually the city brought in a team to hunt the cougar down and kill it. The taxidermy cougar was then placed in the Stanley Park pavilion and incorporated into its exhibitions.

Using a combination of text, video, sound and performance, contributors to Pythagoras Records’ forthcoming issue Dave Biddle and Julia Kidder explore the role of membranes in symbiogenesis, where the merging of two or more species creates an entirely new species. In particular, they consider where these membranes exist in thought.

Pythagoras Records is a Vancouver-based arts periodical featuring collaborations between musicians, visual artists and writers. Each issue contains a 7″ vinyl flexi disc accompanied by a folio of art and writing, all of which is centered around a theme, story or motif. The third and most recent issue is on the theme of self-help.

Dave Biddle is an MFA candidate at Simon Fraser University. When Dave asks, “How can we heal the world?,” his collaborator Julia Kidder responds, “By gliding through its cracks.” Together they pursue the cracks using the revolutionary GlideGuideTM System.

Julia Kidder is a non-expert who uses text to intervene in social processes of RealityBuildingTM. By exploiting the porosity of the truth membrane, Julia re-colonizes re-ality with a series of falsehoods and fantasies.



Additional project programming taking place in various locations throughout the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Trade & Make

Free Association (Vancouver)

  • Vancouver Art Gallery Annex, 3rd floor, Room 302

Featuring local and international artists’ zines, buttons, postcards, patches, t-shirts and posters, Trade & Make is an open-format trade show for everyone and anyone. Stop by with your own zines or make a zine on the spot. Paper, pencils, glue, staples, a photocopier and radical zine publishers will be on hand to help you create some magic. Everyone is welcome!

Free Association is a collective of likeminded creative entrepreneurs with expertise in music production, live events, merchandise design, graphic design, installation art and much more. Underpinned by a team of dedicated experts, Free Association empowers Vancouver’s diverse creative sector by creating unique event experiences, activations and meaningful connections with the business and hospitality industries.

Workshops: Writing Without Optimism

Rebecca La Marre (Vancouver)

  • October 15, 4:00pm, 5:00pm
  • VAG Annex, 1st Floor, Art & Literary Lounge

Artist and writer Rebecca La Marre offers a creative writing workshop using a set of experimental “tablets” made in ceramic, rather than sheets of paper or keyboards and screens.  The writing exercises are inspired by Lauren Berlant’s ideas about how to not just survive, but thrive, and a queer reading of Julia Cameron’s self-help book for artists, “The Artist’s Way.”

The activities use found text, plagiarism and automatic writing to create compositions on surfaces that have been altered to not record what is written.

Pre-register for this free workshop here. 

Rebecca La Marre is a Montreal-based artist working with performance, writing and ceramics. She exhibits and publishes internationally, and has done so at such venues as The Serpentine Gallery, PS1 MoMA and the Darling Foundry.  She is an Emeritus Commissioning Editor for EROS Press and holds her Masters in Art Writing from Goldsmiths, University of London.

Let Me Help You

Paper Innards Distribution (Vancouver)

  • VAG Annex, 3rd Floor, Room 301

VABF Library & Archive Artist-in-Residence Sarah Thompson of Paper Innards Distribution presents Let Me Help You Find What You’re Looking For, a categorized and annotated augmentation of the ever-growing VABF Library collection. Let Me Help You is the product of months of conversations with the book creators and the organic emergence of categories from these exchanges.

This process of categorization and type-formation highlights both the necessity and arbitrariness of systems of classification, while using humour to elucidate the messy and unending conundrum that are the human tendencies to perceive, recognize, judge and assume.

Visitors to the installation may join Sarah for a casual tour of the library, expand the installation by creating their own off-beat categories or participate in guided discussion with other artists and attendees.

Sarah Thompson is a Vancouver-based writer, clown and anthropology student. She runs Paper Innards Distribution and manages Great Wall Tea Company in New Westminster. She likes to make and experience things that are delightful and funny and helpful and weird.

Everything Will Be Fine

Moon Space Books (Stockholm)

  • Vancouver Art Gallery Annex, 3rd floor, stairwell

Björn Engberg of Moon Space Books presents a selection of film loops, photographs and plants from Everything Will Be Fine Once We Are All Gone, a project based on the notion that our modern societies will collapse sooner or later, due to the lack of respect for each other and for the ecosystems that our prosperity depends on. When this day comes, nature will prevail and plants and animal life will flourish once again—a calming thought in days of nuclear war threats and climate change.

Björn Engberg is an artist based in Stockholm. His practice often revolves around the decay of human civilization and the mysticism of wild nature, themes that he treats either separately or explores the relationship between. Engberg is also the founder of the independent publishing house Moon Space Books.

The Object-ness of Books

Norma (Los Angeles/New York)

  • VAG Annex, 2nd floor, stairwell

In seeking out the peripheries, ephemera and supporting structures of book culture within a setting so wonderfully dominated by books, Norma—a multi-disciplinary design practice based in Los Angeles—exhibits a series of objects that investigate the physicality and object-ness of books themselves. The project seeks multiple outcomes: to publicly explore a single typology of a book-related design object, to attract new (design) audiences to the fair, to add texture to an already-diverse exhibitors’ list and to continue a series of inquiries that explore the objects associated with the reading, display, and appreciation of (art) books.

Norma is a studio for objects, moveables and spaces. From its offices in Los Angeles and New York, the studio pursues research, fabrication, interior and curatorial projects rooted in explorations of form and material. Norma seeks out commissions from and collaborations with patrons and peers both local and international, with the consistent goal of creating narrative-based outputs rooted in generosity, candor and delight.

SAD Cosmos

SAD Mag (Vancouver)

  • Saturday: 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM | Sunday: 1:30 PM
  • VAG Annex, 1st Floor, Art & Literary Lounge

Presented in partnership with SFU Publishing

Saturday October 14th

1:30 Major Flare
Meghan Bell Keri KortelingDavid LyBryce Warnes

2:30 Universe’s Brightest Pulsars
Esther Chen Joy Gyamfi Jessica Johns Jocelyn Tennant

Sunday October 15th

1:30 Poetry Rising
Anne DenningJustyna KrolWinston LeClaire Matthews Aja Moore Beni Xiao

In collaboration with the Vancouver Art Gallery’s Art Rental and Sales, SAD Mag presents a stellar literary experience featuring Beni Xiao, David Ly, Meghan Bell and many more. Hosted and curated by Kyla Jamieson, SAD Mag’s Poetry & Prose Editor, some of Vancouver’s most exciting and innovative emerging writers present short readings of new work and discuss their influences in a space of experimentation, poetic magic and queer feels. Convene with local writers, editors and publishers, drink coffee and manifest change.

SAD Mag is an independent Vancouver publication featuring stories, art and design. Founded in 2009, it publishes the best of contemporary and emerging artists with a focus on inclusivity of voices and views, exceptional design and film photography. Enter its orbit at

Meghan Bell is the publisher of Room magazine. Her writing has appeared in literary journals across Canada, most recently in The New Quarterly, The Puritan, Grain, and Carousel, and is forthcoming in Tesseracts 21 and SADMag’s SPACE issue. She was the project lead for Room‘s anthology, Making Room: Forty Years of Room Magazine (Caitlin Press, 2017). Currently, Meghan is concerned about the half-second last August when her eclipse glasses slid down her nose and she stared directly into the sun.

Esther Chen is a writer and student currently pursuing her BFA in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia. More of her writing can be found online at Ricepaper and Poetry Breakfast, and in the latest issue of Poetry Is Dead. Esther spent this year’s solar eclipse gazing wistfully out her office tower window, watching the world turn dark.

Anne Denning is a Pisces who would, generally, rather be on her bicycle. She would like to gratefully acknowledge growing up on the traditional territories of the Mississauga of the New Credit First Nation, Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, Wendat, and Huron Peoples in what gets called Toronto. When the solar eclipse happened she was sitting in the backyard with her partner discussing climate change half-heartedly, distracted by trying to keep an eye on the light.

Joy Gyamfi is a black queer student at UBC, where she studies Psychology and English Literature. Joy is truly an Aries, although she hates being the centre of attention, she loves knowing that people are talking about her. Like many other significant events, Joy slept through the eclipse. She was recently published in The Garden Statuary—UBC’s Undergraduate Literary Journal.

Jessica Johns is a writer of Cree ancestry and a member of Sucker Creek First Nation, working and studying on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Sḵwxwú7mesh, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations. She was this year’s winner of Saltern’s Short Forms contest and was shortlisted for the 2017 Glass Buffalo Poetry contest. Jessica is an impetuous Aries, and spent last month’s solar eclipse taking Snapchats of her butt eclipsing a floor lamp to Bonnie Tyler’s greatest hit, “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

Keri Korteling is a writer and editor and recent MFA grad. Her work appeared in the Red Rock Review. True fact: she spent some pre-teen years obsessing about sun spots because of a PBS documentary series about space. Keri is a pretty typical Sagittarius. If you want to know what that means, the poet Dorothea Laskey, AKA astropoets, tweeted about Sagittarians: “you will make a home in the night but you won’t always live there.”

Justyna Krol is a graphic designer. She is also a Gemini and can locate her stars—Castor and Pollux—in the night sky. (Her father taught her when she was seven; he loved astronomy and would have had second thoughts if he’d known she would use this power for astrology). Her first piece of creative nonfiction will be published in next issue of Hayo magazine. Like most Geminis, she prefers to have the last word.

Winston Le is a Vietnamese-Canadian poet who resides in Langley, BC. He recently completed the Creative Writing Program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. His poetry has been most recently featured in Pulp Magazine and Ricepaper Magazine. When not writing, he coordinates literary events as the Outreach and Publicity Intern for Pulp Literature and the Literary Events Coordinator for Ricepaper Magazine. When writing a poem, he approaches language as if it is nonluminous matter, and so the poem itself is an extradimensional identity resonating cadences of cosmic query.

David Ly is a writer, poet, Master of Publishing graduate from Simon Fraser University, and a stereotypical Scorpio who ended up with Labrythnitis days after August’s solar eclipse. His journalism has appeared on Daily Xtra, NUVO, and VICE, and his poetry on Ricepaper, Westender, The Puritan, in ImageOutWrite, and in Black Moss Press’ Erotic Haiku Anthology. His first chapbook is forthcoming from Anstruther Press in 2018. He is currently the Marketing Assistant at UBC Press.

Claire Matthews’ poetry has appeared in a bunch of Canadian literary journals. But, more importantly, she’s a Pisces, her closest friends are Aquarians, and she knows exactly what these two things say about her. She once read Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time and only understood the conjunctions.

Aja Moore is a Lunar Aquarian.

Jocelyn Tennant is a fiction and screenwriter living and working in Vancouver. Her work has appeared in Joyland, Room Magazine, and is forthcoming in SAD Mag. Her short story “Narcisse” was nominated for the 2017 Writer’s Trust Journey Prize. She’s a self-conscious Leo and loving parent to ten healthy houseplants.

Bryce Warnes lives in Vancouver, within the traditional unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations, and went to the University of British Columbia. His writing has appeared in words(on)pages, Joyland, and Geist. In August he drove down to Oregon to watch the total solar eclipse. He didn’t go blind, but the experience freaked him out more than he expected. Now he worships the sun.

Beni Xiao is a half-alien crybaby whose first ever poetry collection, Bad Egg, will soon be published by Rahila’s Ghost Press. Beni has a Mercury and Mars in Libra, and is therefore thriving this Libra season.

Plintor Drax Lounge

SiteFactory Bus & Puddle Popper Collective

  • Saturday & Sunday
  • Vancouver Art Gallery, Hornby Street Entrance

Presented by SiteFactory

SiteFactory has invited artist collective Puddle Popper (Sonja Ratkay, Melanie Thibodeau, Juli Majer and Sarah Davidson) to create a science fiction–inspired reading room to launch the collective’s newest publication. Visit the bus at the Gallery’s Hornby Street entrance to interact with drawings, printed matter and soft sculpture produced by the collective as part of their exploration of alternative world-building.

SiteFactory was created by Leah Weinstein in 2016 with the assistance of a BC Arts Council Grant and mentorship with Vancouver interdisciplinary artist Laiwan. The mobile framework of a bus introduces freedom in location, off-grid possibilities and new contexts to explore. Positioning the bus as a mobile art site in the rapidly changing Vancouver landscape is an active response to gentrification and prohibitive real estate costs. Hovering between private vehicle and public space, social sculpture and gallery, SiteFactory is a moving centre—a vehicle of interdependence—presenting events in streets, parking lots, fields and other partnering sites, generating diverse art experiences throughout Vancouver.


Artists’ Books Week is a parallel series of events hosted in spaces across Vancouver by a variety of artists, curators, collectives and institutions who are actively creating and presenting work in this medium.


Chris Kraus on Kathy Acker

SFU Woodwards / Djavid Mowafaghian World Arts Centre

Join Fillip and Los Angeles–based writer Chris Kraus for a lecture on the the life and work of avant-garde writer Kathy Acker. Presented in collaboration with SFU’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement, this talk will highlight work from Kraus’s new book After Kathy Acker: A Literary Biography which uses exhaustive archival research and ongoing conversations with mutual colleagues and friends to trace the contradictions and depth of Acker’s life and work. See here for more details!


Lecture and Book Launch / Jalal Toufic’s What Was I Thinking?

Vancouver Art Gallery

The Vancouver Art Gallery is excited to host a lecture and book launch with Jalal Toufic, celebrating the release of his newest publication, What Was I Thinking? (e-flux journal–Sternberg Press, 2017). This event is presented in partnership with Simon Fraser University’s School for Contemporary Arts Audain Visiting Artist in Residence Program and Audain Gallery. See here for more details!

Walid Raad: Sweet Talk: Commissions (Beirut 1994): Opening Reception and Artist Talk

Audain Gallery

Walid Raad’s work engages how forms of violence affect bodies, minds and culture. Moreover, it queries the instability of documents, the role of memory and narrative in conflict discourses and the construction of histories in the face of ongoing catastrophe. Raad’s practice includes photography, video, sculpture and performance, and relies on formal and conceptual conventions borrowed from journalism, fiction and comedy. Sweet Talk is an ongoing set of self-assigned photographic commissions that look at the city of Beirut through thousands of negatives and digital files produced since the mid-1980s to consider the persistence of ruins and effects of the war through the city’s redevelopment. Catch the artist talk at 7 PM and make sure to check here for affiliated events!

VABF Monthly Open Studio: Edging…

Work Place

VABF invites you to “Edging…” an exhibition of paintings, objects, and collaborative bookmaking by Vancouver-based artists: Nadya Isabella, Shahin Sharafaldin and Randi Wever. Hosted by Workplace, DJ Tanner, Yifan Jiang and Jennifer Dickieson.

The opening passage of Ulysses Carrion’s The New Art of Making Books defines the written language in books as a sequence of signs expanding within material space. His text suggests the reading of a book takes place durationally, in the time a reader spends contemplating the object. In placing the reading of a text on a durational scale where every interaction is valid in making meaning, we propose more open readings for all texts. Viewing a room of paintings, there is a parallel unfolding of signs in material space. A painting, like a book, can be defined using Carrion’s logic: it is not a container for paint, nor a swatch of brushstrokes. A painting is a space-time sequence. See here for more details!


Downtown Eastside Women’s Art Collective: Zine Release and Fundraiser

Access Gallery

DEWAC is a community based, volunteer-run organization. We facilitate bi-weekly art workshops for trans and cis women, two-spirited individuals, and non-binary folks out of the Carnegie Community Centre. The DEWAC zine is a collection of artwork made by artists based out of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. See here for more info!

Scrivener’s Monthly: Jalal Toufic presenting The Dancer’s Two Bodies

Western Front

Scrivener’s Monthly presents an evening with thinker and artist Jalal Toufic, who will give the lecture The Dancer’s Two Bodies. He was most recently a participant in the Sharjah Biennial 11, the 9th Shanghai Biennale, Documenta 13, Art in the Auditorium III (Whitechapel Gallery) and Six Lines of Flight (SF MOMA). Co-presented with the School for Contemporary Arts Audain Visual Artist in Residence Program and SFU Galleries.

The Tongue Could Not Be Troubled to Find a Noise for Anything So Nearly Not-There


Artist and writer Rebecca La Marre will present on her workshop, Writing Without Optimism, offered at the 2017 Vancouver Art Book Fair. The workshop featured a set of ‘tablets’ made in ceramic that can be written on and erased. The history of writing, starting with Roman wax tablets and clay debt tallies, will be discussed, as well as what ceramics and writing can offer each other.


In the sage telestic waters… I see…

VAG Annex, 1st Floor, Art & Literary Lounge

  • Saturday October 14, 3:30 PM

Miruna Dragan and Kylie B Ward will perform a series of translations of Dragan’s In the sage telestic waters… I see…, a large-scale sculptural work comprised of water-cast aluminum for molybdomancy (divination with metal), included in a current exhibition at The New Gallery (TNG) in Calgary. For this performance, Ward, who is a homeopath, musician and artist, will “read” the pieces as an exercise in active daydreaming through the use of pareidolia (the phenomenon wherein images are found in abstract forms). As Ward speaks her dreams, Dragan will translate the dreams into sound using tuning forks. This conversation, formed by the overlapping of vocal recounting with tuning fork harmonies, will seek to articulate unseen forces by filling voids with waves. Presented as part of SAD Mag’s Art & Literary Lounge at VABF.

BOOKSTAGRAM is an Instagram takeover of The New Gallery’s account by @yolklessness. Over the duration of the VABF, Teresa Tam will be sharing her process on making the book Local’s Lunar Almanac 2018. Her bookmaking process combines DIY tools with the spirit of traditional crafts techniques. Her aim is to develop well-made books through human labour that are neither machine reliant or artisanal in style. Follow @the_new_gallery. #bookstagram #makebookswithus #vancouverartbookfair

Book Launch and Cocktails: Chloe Lum and Yannick Desranleau’s 5 Tableaux (It Bounces Back)

Or Gallery Bookstore

Join Or Gallery in celebrating the launch of a limited-edition book on Chloë Lum and Yannick Desranleau’s 5 Tableaux (It Bounces Back). The book is designed by Eli Bornowsky, with essays by curators Joni Low and Anne-Marie St-Jean Aubre, silkscreen paper from the performance and an artist interview. Both artists will be present for signing. Special cocktails served!

Garry Neill Kennedy + Cathy Busby: Activism, Arts Education and Printed Matter

grunt gallery

This exhibition is the culmination of 30+ years of printed matter from the private collection of two of Canada’s most celebrated artists, Cathy Busby and Garry Neill Kennedy. It showcases a selection of posters and artists’ books that encapsulate parallel careers dedicated to social justice, community, innovation and contemporary art. The exhibition runs from 12 – 5 PM Wednesday October 11 to Sunday October 15, with a reception on Saturday October 14, 7-9 PM. Presented in collaboration with Toronto Art Book Fair.


Black Medicine Tattoo: Art Book Flash Month

Black Medicine Tattoo

This October, Black Medicine Tattoo will be hosting a Art Book/Literary Flash day each Sunday of the month. Different artists will be tattooing flash designs based on their own accompanying zines and favourite books. Zines, shirts and other art will be available for sale. Give the BMT instagram a follow for updates!


October 1 – Katie So 

Oct 8 – Shannon Elliott

Oct 12 – Rebecca Dewinter

Oct 22- Olivia Harrison and Alison Woodward

Yactac Baby

Red Gate Arts Society

In preparation for their 10 year anniversary this December, Yactac presents an artist talk (starting at 6 PM) and open house featuring collected works. The Young Asian Canadian Twin Artists Collective (Yactac) is dedicated to the necessities of art flow and stems from a culture infused with coincidences, cohesive thinking, magic and irony. Their goal is to channel those unique elements into the creation/formation/discussion of contemporary art. See here for more info!