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Vancouver Art Book Fair (VABF) is a non-profit organization committed to the advancement, appreciation and circulation of artistsโ€™ publishing. Welcome to the second edition of our digital art book fair!

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The Program

VABFโ€™s 2021 Program was curated by Eloisa Aquino of B&D Press in Montreal, Canada, and features publishers and artists from Vancouver and around the world. Events are live-streamed on the Program page.

Photograph from VABF 2019, the foreground of the image has heads of multiple seated people listening to a panel discussion of four individuals, the focus of the image is on the fourth panelist who is using their hands to emphasize what they are speaking about as the other panelists look towards them. Two blank white boards are on the wall behind the panel.
Photograph from VABF 2019, perspective from over the shoulder of a person holding a zine. Their arm shows a dark denim jacket and some bracelets. The zine is white paper and black text that is not legible. The out of focus background has green carpet with white dots and few other zines (orange, pink, blue) lying on the ground.

What is an Art Book?

We acknowledge there are varying interpretations of what constitutes an art book.


VABF defines an art book as a work of art that utilizes the form of a book. An art book is interactive, portable, movable and easily shared. It focuses on publishing as an artistic medium and is often produced in small editions or as one-of-a-kind objects.

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VABF gratefully acknowledges that our annual activities take place on the unceded and traditional territories of theย xสทmษ™ฮธkสทษ™yฬ“ษ™mย (Musqueam),ย Sแธตwxฬฑwรบ7mesh (Squamish) andย sษ™lฬ“รญlwษ™taส”ษฌ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations.ย 

Where are you located?
  • xสทmษ™ฮธkสทษ™yฬ“ษ™mMusqueam
  • Sแธตwxฬฑwรบ7meshSquamish
  • sษ™lฬ“รญlwษ™taส”ษฌ/SelilwitulhTsleil-Waututh

2021 Exhibitors